ICT Reorganization & Distance Education Rules

ICT Reorganization

A recent study (TIG) of NMSU Information Communication Technology (ICT) structure has led to a proposal for ICT reorganization. You are encouraged to read the TIG report and supporting materials, and provide feedback at http://transforming.nmsu.edu/feedback/

Distance Education Rules

Many NMSU courses and programs are being delivered via distance education and the expectation is that this will continue and in fact, increase over time. It is important for NMSU policies to keep up with the changes and reflect the current realities of distance education at the national, state, and local level. Thus, Proposition 30-16/17: Proposal to Revise -6.55 Academic Rules for Distance Education has been introduced to Faculty Senate and assigned to the Scholastic Affairs Committee. You can track the progress of Proposition 30-16/17 [https://facultysenate.nmsu.edu/propositions/2016-2017/30-1617-proposal-to-revise-rule-6-55-academic-rules-for-distance-education/] at the the NMSU Faculty Senate website. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this proposal, please contact your FACT Representative or Dr. Susan Ceppi-Bussman (suceppib@nmsu.edu).

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