Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology (FACT) Newsletter Spring/Summer 2015

Technology and CyberSecurity at NMSU

The New NMSU Site

Did you know that is that there is an Inside NMSU page that you might prefer at http://www.nmsu.edu/inside/. If you use http://nmsu.edu, make sure to look to the upper right corner of nmsu.edu to find MyNMSU, Inside NMSU, Quick Links and a Search box as well.

NMSU Homepage Features

NMSU Homepage Features on the Upper Right

What You Need to Know about Browsers

Browsers are what let us connect to the online world of information. Remember the first commercial browser, Netscape Navigator? Those were exciting days when we moved from Archie and Gopher to using URLs! Today’s most commonly known browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. What YOU NEED TO KNOW is that it is important to keep an eye on browser news and we are here to help. At NMSU, our friends in ICT strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome and if you are on a Mac, Safari is also supported. It’s important to know that our ICT friends do not support Internet Explorer.

FERPA Training

FERPA training with the Department of Education NMSU was offered via 1.5 hour-long, face-to-face FERPA trainings as well as live webcast and recorded webcast for those unable to attend in person on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. All meetings took place in Wooten Hall, room 105. If you missed it, you can still watch it at http://panopto.nmsu.edu/ferpa/.


Deleting NMSU Email

Part of a quality SETA (Security Education, Training and Awareness) program is understanding the complete process of deleting your NMSU email. It actually is not as simple as it seems!

  • When a user deletes an email, what happens to that email is determined by the software (client) they are using to read their email. For example, Outlook or Entourage.
  • By default most clients do not really delete the email, but move it to another folder where it will be staged for deletion.
  • If you are an Office 365 user or a local Exchange user and use the Outlook client, when you mark an email for deletion it is moved to the Deleted Items folder. The email will be located for 30 days in Deleted Items folder and then moved to the Recoverable folder for an additional 14 days. At the end of these 44 days, the email is permanently removed and no longer available for recovery or discovery under the New Mexico Inspections of Public Records Act.
  • If you  use some other email client, you will need to configure your client to take advantage of this auto delete feature. If you need help with this process, please call the Help Desk at 575-646-1840.

Doing Grades on Non-NMSU Computers, Laptops, or Mobile Devices

Did you know that if you are grading on your own computer, laptop, or other mobile device, it is a best practice to do your grading using the online tools provided by NMSU? These tools include the grading features within Canvas and MyNMSU. It is important that we do not download student grades or anything related to secure student information to our non-NMSU computers, laptops, or mobile devices. As a reminder, all NMSU computers, laptops, and mobile devices must be password protected. In the future, we will be seeing more support and guidelines to support information and data security for all NMSU students and employees.

Please Take the Faculty Technology Survey

We hope that you can take a few moments to respond to the Faculty & Staff Information Technologies Survey 2015. In the FACT Newsletter Fall 2015, we will report back to you about the results of both the Faculty/Staff and Student Technology Surveys.

Learning Technology Tips and News

Canvas – http://learn.nmsu.edu

Pulling Grades from Canvas to Banner

Learning Technology is supposed to make things easier and more efficient! And that is the hope for the upcoming grading feature where you will have the option to “pull” grades from your Canvas courses into your online grading process that occurs in your MyNMSU. This feature is expected to be available in Fall 2015.

Canvas development courses and export courses

Did you know it is recommended that you maintain a development course for each Canvas course you teach? This provides you a place to keep a pristine copy of your course. Also, note that courses are deleted when they mature at around the two year mark, (check your Canvas course list, the dates for removal are noted) so at the end of every semester, it is a good idea for any courses that you want to keep, that you go to your course Settings and on the right, select Export Course Content and save. Then when you need that particular course content again, go to the desired course Settings > Import Content into this Course, and select Canvas Course Export Package.

FACT Addresses Originality Evaluation Software

In Spring 2015, FACT engaged in conversations regarding originality evaluation software aka plagiarism checkers. Three key factors stood out supporting the need for such a tool at NMSU, 1) supporting student writing skills and increasing their awareness of plagiarism, 2) faculty will spend less time dealing with plagiarism, and 3) NMSU reputation and accreditation. It is noted that used with student learning in mind, originality evaluation software becomes a prescriptive learning tool, a student retention tool, and a quality course tool. Thus, FACT unanimously voted that the need for originality evaluation software is the #1 issue that currently needs to be addressed. This FACT priority issue has also been of note to STAC. Upon presenting this to STAC in May 2015, STAC also voted unanimously to support prioritizing this issue. CIO, Norma Grijalva will move forward with this recommendation. Of note, NMSU currently has a resource – Checking for Originality – with initial support for students and faculty regarding this topic.

1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference – FREE!

The NewMexicoDLA is a state chapter of United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) and we believe it is the first organization in New Mexico that focuses on distance and online learning in higher education. The theme of the first conference is What’s New in New Mexico in Higher Education with Distance, Online and Blended Learning? Institutions and colleagues from around the state of New Mexico will share what is new in the areas of distance, online and blended learning. Note that if you are a NewMexicoDLA member there will be an Annual Membership Meeting first on the agenda so that you can be informed and contribute to the goals and progress of NewMexicoDLA. If you are not a member yet, it’s a great time to join! This first conference will be held 100% online and is 100% free! So you can join from your office, home or even if you are on the road! This is a 1-day conference on May 20, 2015 starting at 9am MT for members and 10am MT for general sessions.

See http://newmexicodla.org/whats_new.htm for the agenda and register at http://bit.ly/newmexicodlaconference2015. You will be emailed with further details.

We will email you with online attendance details two days prior to the event.

Please contact me Julia Parra (juparra@nmsu.edu) or Krista Kozel Macdonald (kkozel@dacc.nmsu.edu) if you have any questions.

Shoutout to the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC)

The Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) meets with FACT twice a semester. Thank you to STAC for the hard work and support you provide for NMSU. Here are just a few of the many awesome things STAC does to support technology at NMSU:

  • KRUX 91.5 Antenna Upgrade – On April 17, 2015, STAC approved a proposal for the Krux 91.5 antenna upgrade for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016). STAC will be giving $5,000 to KRUX 91.5 to go towards the project. These funds will help to increase the power of the station to reach a broader market. The upgrade of the antenna will increase their power from 1,000 Watts to 3,000 Watts.
  • O’Donnell Hall SAS Software – STAC approved the College of Education’s request to fund SAS software in their computer labs for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016).  The amount requested was $3,355 ($55/machine) for the Learning Resource Center computers, Multimedia labs in OH 033 and the Windows and PC lab in OH 041.
  • Ellucian Banner Onsite Visit – Students met with the vendor that provides Banner to provide feedback on their experiences with services within myNMSU, such as registration, grades, financial aid, and academic records. A total of nine STAC representatives were in attendance. This information will be compiled into a report that will be shared with the University and used for the Banner upgrades that will be implemented in the future.
  • Information Technology Survey – ICT conducted their annual IT Survey in April. The Information Technology (IT) survey is an evaluation tool for understanding the current student, faculty and staff experience with NMSU IT services and to help identify future services and projects. The results for the student surveys totaled 1,732 and the results for faculty and staff totaled 393.
  • Knox Hall Computer lab renovation – After the Winter Break renovations, Knox Hall re-opened for students January 15, 2015, the first day of classes.
  • Access limits to Canvas course – Richard Oliver FACT member from the College of Business came to STAC to ask if they had any concerns regarding the removal of access to past courses in learn.nmsu.edu. The students were not opposed to the Canvas courses being closed after a few weeks from the last day of each semester.

See the STAC website for more about STAC and see the STAC Membership list to see who represents your college.

Chair’s Corner

As the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Chair, it’s been an honor to serve as chair for FACT. Thank you to all FACT and STAC members for a GREAT year and for support for this newsletter. My commitment to provide a Newsletter every semester will continue as I return to my role as member-at-large. We hope this newsletter was helpful. We plan to provide one per semester, so let us know what you want to hear from us. We turned off the comments but you can use email on campus to send me an email.

We welcome Richard Oliver as chair for Fall 2015/ Spring 2016.

Have a great summer everyone!

Julia Parra
2014-2015 FACT Chair

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