FACT Newsletter – February 12, 2016

Distance Education at NMSU

Today FACT discussed a few things that we thought you would like to know about or be reminded of:

  1. The State Authorization page provides important information about NMSU’s participation in SARA and support resources for students to help them understand what their state does or does not allow related to distance education. All online programs should consider adding this resource. Click on Check Your State for an awesome interactive map.
  2. Learning NMSU (http://learning.nmsu.edu) provides many helpful resources such as:
    • A video demonstrating an interface change in Canvas that will take place this summer. Canvas will look different.
    • A page with the information related to accreditation to make sure our online courses are designed to be more than correspondence courses. 
      • Of note, the number one issue reported is missing textbook ISBN numbers.

Have a great weekend!

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